When it comes to upgrading or remodeling your home, homeowners should ask themselves two questions before starting. Will this project suit my needs and add comfort and will this project add resale value to my home?

Heated floors can add resale value to your home. In fact, the words ‘heated floor” are enough to make any buyer look twice at a home listing. They are a great upgrade to any bathroom remodel thanks to their ability to warm up cold flooring like tile & stone. Heated floors give any room the boost it needs to knock the chill off the flooring and raise the temperature in the room to a more comfortable level.

These systems must be installed under the flooring, which means the best time to install heated floors is when you are building or updating the flooring. Electric floor heating is the top choice for remodeling projects and what we use under our tile and stone floors. We generally use a heat matrix mat with 240 cable allowing you to tie into the home’s existing circuit controlled by a thermostat.

Radiant heated floors are very energy efficient by the way they operate. Unlike forced-air systems that blow heated air through vents, electric floor-heating systems quietly radiate heat upward through the flooring. A programmable thermostat can help support energy efficiency by scheduling the times you typically use your heated floors. Some can even be controlled by your smart phone, so when you arrive home your floor is nice and warm.

When it comes to resale, the term “heated floors” seems to carry a feeling of luxury. Therefore, if you’re selling a home with heated floors, be sure to call them out- you may get a few more showings because of it and might even land a higher offer because of them.

If you would like more information on heated floors or would like to setup an appointment to find out how much it would cost to heat your particular space call our office @402-596-0320 or call Dan directly @ 402-510-5865.